The best of the best. The RUKO ULTIMATECUT premium line.

Ultimate drilling experience with ultimate quality.

The new ULTIMATECUT product line from RUKO offers industry and professional users innovative and high-quality precision tools for the most demanding applications. RUKO manufactures the high-quality precision tools in its own production facility in Germany. The product line includes step drills, countersinks, twist drills and the Multidrill. All ULTIMATECUT products are finished with RUKO's own nano Technology (RUnaTEC) coating.

ULTIMATECUT Countersink 4S

Sinking. Rethought.
  • Outright best performance when used in handheld drill machines and ‘fixed’ drill applications
  • Significantly reduced feed force required
  • Increased feed rates by up to 3x
  • Up to 50% faster countersinking
  • Extremely smooth running for mirror finish
  • Perfectly circular chatter free countersink holes – every time


A head start with FLOWSTEP® tip.
  • 5x more holes possible
  • Up to 50% faster tapping
  • Extremely energy saving


Innovation through FLOWSTEP® tip.
  • 6x more holes possible
  • Up to 75% faster spot drilling
  • Perfect centering


Unique in every level.
  • 5-in-1 tool
  • Up to 75% time savings
  • Ultimate flexibility


Technically complete.
  • Up to 30 % time saving
  • Up to 2 times more countersinks
  • Optimal, smooth lowering result

RUKO nano Technology Coating

The RUKO nano Technology (RUnaTEC) coating is a special nanocomposite that chemically combines the three elements aluminium, titanium and nitrogen. The difference to conventional coatings (e.g. the AlTiN coating, which combines the same components) is the nano- and microstructure of the coating.

A special process is used to achieve a nanocomposite structure that enhances the properties, for example an extremely high nano-hardness (45 gigapascals). This means that, in addition to low cutting speeds, very high cutting speeds can be achieved, which significantly accelerate work processes. Other positive properties are the extremely high wear resistance and the strong reduction of material welds.