Welcome to the world's first. The ULTIMATECUT© Multidrill

Where magnetic pillar drills have problems with low holding force, the ULTIMATECUT Multidrill offers ultimate flexibility through the use of hand drills. It can also reach hard-to-reach areas, e.g. on T-beams.

Unique in every level

  • 5-in-1 tool
  • Up to 75% time savings
  • Ultimate flexibility

The ULTIMATECUT Multidrill revolutionises the work process and sets new standards in flexibility and processing time by combining a wide variety of tools.

The turbo tip

The specially developed "turbo tip" makes it easier for users to centre and drill the Multidrill on the workpiece without the need for centre punching. This ensures fast drilling and prevents slipping on the material. The four high-performance cutting edges deliver the performance required for applications where core drills are usually used. The next stage allows users to deburr the drill hole at the same time.

Cutting depth of 10.0 mm

With a cutting depth of 10.0 mm, the ULTIMATECUT Multidrill can be used instead of twist drills. This eliminates the need for time-consuming tool changes for smaller drill diameters, saving up to 75% of the time.

No problems reaching hard-to-reach places on T-beams, for example, where the use of core drills with core drills is problematic. In addition to applications in steel, the ULTIMATECUT Multidrill also achieves the best results in non-ferrous metals, plastics, Plexiglas and wood. It is ideally suited for guided drilling units and hand drills.

The three-flute shank

Full power transmission from the machine to the tool and no annoying retensioning in the drill chuck ensure easy and uncomplicated work.

No problems with low holding force of magnetic pillar drills for materials < 10 mm, as drilling can be carried out with a hand drill.

The variant

The ULTIMATECUT Multidrill is available in three different sizes, finished with the RUnaTEC coating.

This results in diameters of 6.0 - 12.0 mm for size S1, diameters of 6.0 - 20.0 mm for size M2 and diameters of 6.0 - 27.0 mm for size L3.

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RUKO nano Technology - up to 16 times longer service life and optimised, smooth countersink surface

RUKO's RUnaTEC coating represents a significant advance in tool technology by offering an unrivalled combination of wear resistance, hardness and performance. This specially developed coating has been designed to significantly increase the life and efficiency of cutting tools, making it a valuable innovation for a wide range of cutting applications.

Extremely high wear resistance

The RUnaTEC coating is characterised by its extremely high wear resistance. This is achieved through the application of advanced coating technologies that form a dense, uniform layer that effectively protects the surface of the tool from wear. This property is particularly advantageous when machining hard or abrasive materials, where conventional uncoated tools would wear out quickly.

Increased heat hardness

Another outstanding advantage of the RUnaTEC coating is its increased hot hardness. Tools with this coating retain their cutting edge integrity even at high machining temperatures, which typically occur during intensive cutting processes. This enables consistently high tool performance over a wide temperature range and reduces the risk of tool failure due to overheating.

No material welding

The RUnaTEC coating effectively prevents material welding, a common challenge when machining sticky or soft materials. By minimising adhesion between the workpiece and tool, the coating improves the surface quality of the machined parts and simplifies chip removal, resulting in a smoother surface.

Optimum, smooth surfaces

By reducing friction between the tool and the workpiece, the RUnaTEC coating enables the creation of optimised, smooth surfaces. This improved surface quality is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also increase the functionality of components, for example by improving fatigue resistance.

Extremely high nano-hardness

The exceptional nano-hardness of the RUnaTEC coating contributes significantly to the overall performance of the coated tools. This nano-hardness leads to a further increase in wear resistance and enables the tools to deliver precise cuts even under difficult conditions.

The application

MaterialHSS RUnaTEC
Steel (N/mm2) <900⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1100 ⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1300⚪️
Stainless steel⚪️
Cast iron⚪️
Acrylic glass⚫️
Titanium alloyed
⚫️Main application ⚪️Side application

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