Welcome to the world's first. The new ULTIMATECUT© Multidrill

Unique in every level.

  • 5-in-1 tool
  • Up to 75% time savings
  • Ultimate flexibility

The turbo tip.

Sucks for fast drilling and prevents slipping on the material.

No pitting thanks to specially developed turbo tip. Revolutionary cutting geometry with 4 sheaths.

No extra deburring necessary, as the downstream stage takes over this function.

Cutting depth of 10.0 mm.

With a cutting depth of 10.0 mm, the Multidrill can be used instead of twist drills, eliminating the need for time-consuming tool changes for smaller drill diameters and saving up to 75% time.

No problems reaching hard-to-reach places on e.g. T-beams, where the use of core drills with core drills is problematic.

The trihedral shaft.

Full power transmission from the machine to the tool and no annoying re-clamping in the drill chuck ensure easy and uncomplicated work.

No problems with low holding force of magnetic pillar drilling machines for materials < 10 mm, as drilling can be done with hand drill.

Custom work in three versions.

Distinctive RUnaTEC coating.

Depending on the application, our RUKO nano Technology coating (RUnaTEC for short) enables up to 16 times longer tool life and ensures an optimum, smooth surface of the bore.

  • extremely high wear resistance and hot hardness
  • suitable for normal and high-performance machining
  • no material welding
  • optimum, smooth surface
  • extremely high nano-hardness

Die Anwendungen.

MaterialHSS RUnaTEC
Steel (N/mm2) <900⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1100 ⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1300⚪️
Stainless steel⚪️
Cast iron⚪️
Acrylic glass⚫️
Titanium alloyed
⚫️Main application ⚪️Side application

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