The new RUKO ULTIMATECUT step drill with FLOWSTEP® tip

Innovation through FLOWSTEP® tip.

  • 6x more holes possible
  • Up to 75% faster spot drilling
  • Perfect centering

The FLOWSTEP® tip.

Spot centering without center punching and faster spot drilling on a wide variety of materials and surfaces.

The FLOWSTEP® technology.

RUKO's unique cutting edge geometry results in a much smoother and faster drilling process.

The three-face stock.

Full power transmission from the machine to the tool and no annoying re-clamping in the drill chuck ensure easy and uncomplicated work.

The variant.

The RUnaTEC coating.

Our in-house RUKO nano Technology coating (RUnaTEC for short) enables up to 16 times longer tool life, depending on the application, and ensures an optimum, smooth surface of the bore.

The applications.

MaterialHSS RUnaTEC
Steel (N/mm2) <900⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1100 ⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1300⚪️
Stainless steel⚪️
Cast iron⚪️
Acrylic glass⚫️
Titanium alloyed
⚫️Main application ⚪️Side application

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