The RUKO ULTIMATECUT twist drill with FLOWSTEP® tip

A head start with FLOWSTEP® tip

  • 5x more holes possible
  • Up to 50% faster drilling
  • Extremely energy saving

The so-called FLOWSTEP® tip impresses with its performance and makes it unique in terms of speed, ease of movement and drilling results.


Precise centring without centre punching and faster drilling on different materials and surfaces such as pipes. The FLOWSTEP® tip guarantees an easy and smooth drilling process without jamming in the material. This tip also saves time when drilling, as fast and easy drilling is possible without much effort. The twist drill also has the advantage that it is no longer necessary to pre-drill with small drill bits, especially for large drill diameters. This completely eliminates the need to change tools, which also saves a lot of time and tools.

The FLOWSTEP® technology

The FLOWSTEP® tip gets its name from the FLOWSTEP® technology developed by RUKO. This specially developed, unique cutting edge geometry leads to a much smoother and quieter drilling process thanks to its gentle step transitions, which significantly reduces the machining time and considerably improves the drilling result. Another guarantee for durability and speed is the proprietary RUKO nano Technology coating, RUnaTEC for short. Thanks to the three-surface shank, the tools are also ideally suited for use in hand-held drills.


HSSE stands for High-Speed Steel with cobalt content. High-Speed Steel (HSS) is an alloy known for its hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance and is commonly used in tool manufacturing, particularly for drills, milling cutters and other cutting tools. The addition of cobalt in HSSE alloys can improve the performance and life of the tool by increasing its ability to cope with heat and wear.

The applications

Steel (N/mm2) <900⚫️⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1100 ⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1300
Stainless steel⚫️
Cast iron⚪️⚪️
Acrylic glass⚫️⚫️
Titanium alloyed
⚫️Main applications ⚪️Secondary applications

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