The new ULTIMATECUT© Countersink 4S


Sinking. Rethought.

The specially developed four cutting edges and their unequal pitch make the 4S countersink a universal all-arounder. It achieves optimum countersinking results in handheld drill machines and “fixed” drill applications in various materials and with significant time savings.

The unequal pitch ensures a smooth and extremely quiet, eliminating chatter marks and creating a perfectly circular hole. The cutting loads are distributed across 4 razor sharp cutting edges, significantly reducing the axial and radial forces, to reduce the wear and increase the life of the tool.

The high performance RUKO coating – RUnaTEC is available as an option across the range of sizes and will further extend tool life for the ULTIMATECUT 4S Countersink, through reducing tool wear while providing the facility to machine more exotic materials, including tempered steel.

Incomparable performance and tool life

  • Outright best performance when used in handheld drill machines and 'fixed' drill applications
  • Significantly reduced feed force required
  • Increased feed rates by up to 3x
  • Up to 50% faster countersinking
  • Extremely smooth running for mirror finish
  • Perfectly circular chatter free countersink holes – every time

Optimum lowering pattern

Even for experienced craftsman, chatter marks, unevenness or not perfectly round countersinks can occur.  With our ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S, this is a thing of the past.

The unequal pitch ensures that the countersink glides through the material and leaves a round countersink without chatter marks.  This is particularly important in areas where maximum precision is required.

3 vs. 4 cutting

ULTIMATECUT Countersink (2017) ULTIMATECUT Countersink 4S (2023)
Number of cutting edges34
Divisiondivided equallyunequally divided
Shank3-surface shank3-surface shank
MaterialHSS, HSSE-Co 5HSS
Time savingup to 30 % up to 70 % in hand-held operation, up to 50 % faster in stationary applications
Service lifeup to 2x more sinkingsup to 3x more sinkings
Diameter from - to6.3 - 31.0 mm10.4 - 40.0 mm
Preferred area of applicationStationaryStationary, manual

RUKO nano Technology

Depending on the application, up to 16 times longer service life and optimum, smooth surface of the countersink.
  • Extremely high wear resistance and hot hardness
  • suitable for normal and high performance machining
  • no material welding
  • optimum smooth surface
  • extremely high nano-hardness

The applications.

HSS blancHSS RUnaTEC coated
Steel (N/mm2) <900⚫️⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1100 ⚪️
Steel (N/mm2) <1300
Stainless steel⚪️⚫️
Cast iron⚪️⚪️
Titanium alloyed
Main application ⚫️ Secondary application ⚪️

"Our ULTIMATECUT product line stands for the highest precision and quality in the tooling industry. The introduction of the ULTIMATECUT Countersink 4S again demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and the development of innovative products to consistently increase user performance and efficiency.

The ULTIMATECUT Countersink 4S has the potential to redefine the standards of countersinks."

David Ondra, Head of Development

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