RUnaTEC: The RUKO nano Technology coating

The RUnaTEC coating has a special nanocomposite structure. This enhances the properties of the coating and thus improves the quality of the coated tool. Learn the positive effects of the coating in this article.

General information about RUnaTEC coating

The RUKO nano Technology coatingRUnaTEC, is a special nanocomposite and a chemical compound of the three elements aluminum, titanium, and nitrogen. The difference to conventional coatings (e.g. the AlTiN coating, which combines the same components) is the nano- and microstructure of the coating.

A special process is used to achieve a nanocomposite structure that reinforces the properties, for example an extremely high nano hardness (45 Gigapascal (GPa)). In addition to low and, above all, very high cutting speeds can be achieved, which significantly accelerate work processes.

Further positive properties are the extremely high wear resistance and the strong reduction of material welding.

The coating thickness is between 1-4 micrometers (μm).

It has a coefficient of friction of 0.45 μ. Compared to uncoated tools, the service life can be increased up to 16 times, depending on the application.

For which applications is RUnaTEC coating suitable?

The RUnaTEC coating is very well suited for precision tools, that cut very hard materials, e.g. steel (N/mm²) < 1,300 and stainless steel , but also materials like aluminiumbrass, and plastics.

We use the RUnaTEC coating on the ULTIMATECUT countersink. In addition to a high cutting speed, the result is an optimal and smooth surface.

ULTIMATECUT countersink with RUnaTEC coating in structural steel left and stainless steel right

The maximum application temperature is 1,200 °C (approx. 2,200° Fahrenheit).

RUnaTEC is ideally suited for dry cutting. Cooling is therefore not mandatory. In general, however, cooling additionally increases the service life of the tool.

Comparison of TiAlN and RUnaTEC

Increase of service life (compared to uncoated tools) depending on application, up to ten times longer depending on application, up to 16 times longer
Cutting speed highvery high
Applicationhard materials (steel 1,100 N/mm², stainless steel) very hard materials (steel 1,300 N/mm², stainless steel)
Coolingnot mandatory not mandatory
Nano hardness 35 Gigapascal (GPa)45 Gigapascal (GPa)
Coat thickness 1-4 μm1-4 μm
Coefficient of friction 0,5 μ0,45 μ
Max. temperature 800 °C1.200 °C

Compared to the TiAlN coating the RUnaTEC has at least the same or better properties in all areas. This is particularly noticeable in the area of application, the service life and the cutting speed. This results in a very high cutting quality.


  • Has a special nanocomposite structure
  • Depending on application, up to 16 times longer service life
  • Extremely high wear resistance and resistance to heat
  • Chemical compound of aluminumtitanium, and nitrogen
  • Nano hardness: up to 45 GPa
  • Coat thickness: 1-4 μm
  • Coefficient of friction: 0,45 μ
  • Temperature: 1,200 °C
  • Application: Stahl (N/mm²) < 1,300stainless steel
    (applicable for normal and high-performance cutting)
  • Cooling not mandatory
    (ideal for dry cutting)