We understand that purchasing precision tools is an important decision and that questions often arise.

Therefore, we have created this page for you to provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Please read through the FAQs to get all the information you need. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal.

RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge specializes in the production of drilling, countersinking and cutting tools for metal cutting.

RUKO offers a wide range of precision tools for metal cutting. These include twist drills, step drills, sheet drills, core drills as well as countersinks, taps, coolants and lubricants.

Here you can find an overview of all products.

RUKO offers hand taps, machine taps, thread formers and dies.

RUKO offers comprehensive advice for selecting the right tool. On our website you will also find a tool for tool selection that recommends the right tool based on your specific requirements.

HSS stands for "High-Speed Steel" and is a steel alloy commonly used for drills and other tools.

HSSE-Co 5 is a variant of HSS that contains an additional 5% cobalt. This makes HSSE-Co 5 even more heat resistant and wear resistant than conventional HSS.

HSSE-Co 5 is particularly suitable for cutting stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials.

HARDOX is a very hard and tough material that requires a special drilling geometry. For machining HARDOX we recommend a special drill with a long tool life and a tip geometry that is specially adapted to the material. RUKO offers, for example, the solid carbide twist drill with TiAIN coating and 118° point angle.

A sheet drill is particularly suitable for sheets up to 4 mm, peeling off the material progressively. Sheet drills are used when the diameter dimension is not important (except for the maximum diameter). A sheet metal peeling drill is suitable for producing an individual diameter or is used when a conical hole wall is acceptable for intermediate sizes.

A step drill, on the other hand, drills several different specified hole diameters and is therefore suitable for fast machining of different materials up to 4 mm. For more information, see our article 6 features of a sheet drill and its uses.

Coatings are refined on tool surfaces. They can bring various advantages, such as higher wear resistance, longer tool life, higher cutting speed and improved surface quality of the material being machined.

Depending on the application and material, different coatings can be useful.

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