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The innovative countersink 4S is now also available in HSSE-Co 5 version.

The new countersink 4S HSSE-Co 5

Unrivalled performance and even longer service life.
  • with special strengths for high-performance machining of demanding Hardox steels
  • best performance in stationary + manual use
  • significantly less feed force required
  • up to 3x more countersinking possible
  • up to 50% faster sinking
  • extremely smooth running
  • optimum countersink pattern without chatter marks

Four cutting edges for maximum performance and limitless efficiency

With its specially developed four cutting edges and unequal spacing, the HSS version of the ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S already guarantees optimum countersinking results in both stationary and manual use, with significant time savings.

The distribution of forces across the four cutting edges reduces the axial and radial forces, which protects the tool and significantly increases tool life.

With the addition of the HSSE-Co5 variant, the range of applications for the ULTIMATECUT 4 S series has been further extended with the possibilities for professional machining of stainless steels and demanding Hardox steels.

Countersink 4S: Left with coating, right without coating.

Optimum countersink pattern

Even experienced craftsmen can suffer from chatter marks, unevenness or uneven countersinks. With the ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S, however, this is a thing of the past.

The special design of the tool makes it possible to achieve flawless countersinks with exceptional precision. The unequal pitch ensures that the countersink glides through the material and leaves a round countersink without chatter marks.

This technology significantly reduces vibration during the countersinking process, resulting in improved surface quality. The precise design of the cutting edge geometry of the ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S enables even chip removal, which in turn minimises heat generation and reduces the risk of material deformation.

"Our ULTIMATECUT product line stands for the highest precision and quality in the tool industry. The introduction of the HSSE version of our ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S emphasises our commitment to continuous improvement and the development of innovative solutions. This countersink adds improved performance and efficiency to the proven strengths of the HSS model without diminishing the qualities of HSS, but rather increasing the application possibilities for our users."

David Ondra, Head of Development

RUKO nano Technology - up to 16 times longer service life and optimised, smooth countersink surface

RUKO's RUnaTEC coating represents a significant advance in tool technology by offering an unrivalled combination of wear resistance, hardness and performance. This specially developed coating has been designed to significantly increase the life and efficiency of cutting tools, making it a valuable innovation for a wide range of cutting applications.

Extremely high wear resistance

The RUnaTEC coating is characterised by its extremely high wear resistance. This is achieved through the application of advanced coating technologies that form a dense, uniform layer that effectively protects the surface of the tool from wear. This property is particularly advantageous when machining hard or abrasive materials, where conventional uncoated tools would wear out quickly.

Increased heat hardness

Another outstanding advantage of the RUnaTEC coating is its increased hot hardness. Tools with this coating retain their cutting edge integrity even at high machining temperatures, which typically occur during intensive cutting processes. This enables consistently high tool performance over a wide temperature range and reduces the risk of tool failure due to overheating.

No material welding

The RUnaTEC coating effectively prevents material welding, a common challenge when machining sticky or soft materials. By minimising adhesion between the workpiece and tool, the coating improves the surface quality of the machined parts and simplifies chip removal, resulting in a smoother surface.

Optimum, smooth surfaces

By reducing friction between the tool and the workpiece, the RUnaTEC coating enables the creation of optimised, smooth surfaces. This improved surface quality is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also increase the functionality of components, for example by improving fatigue resistance.

Extremely high nano-hardness

The exceptional nano-hardness of the RUnaTEC coating contributes significantly to the overall performance of the coated tools. This nano-hardness leads to a further increase in wear resistance and enables the tools to deliver precise cuts even under difficult conditions.

Discover the countersink HSSE-Co 5 now

Available in many different versions.

These include the 4S countersink as a single item or as a 6- or 5-piece set. In HSS or HSSE-Co 5, with high-quality RUnaTEC coating or without coating.

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Example: HSSE-Co 5 with RUnaTEC coating
Example: Set HSSE-Co 5 blank - 6 pcs.

General overview

ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S (2023)
Number of cutting edges4
Divisionunequally divided
Shank3-surface shaft
CoatingRUnaTEC, blanc
MaterialHSS + HSSE-Co 5
Time savingup to 70 % in hand-held operation, up to 50 % faster for stationary applications
Service lifeUp to 3x more countersinks
Diameter from - to10.4 - 40.0 mm
Preferred area of applicationStationary, manual

The applications

HSS blancHSS RUnaTEC coated
Steel (N/mm2) <900⚫️⚫️
Steel (N/mm2) <1100 ⚪️
Stainless steel⚪️⚫️
Cast iron⚪️⚪️
Main application⚫️ Secondary application ⚪️

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