New: ULTIMATECUT Countersink 4S - Fast. Sharp. Powerful. Sensational.

Can you talk about real innovation in a countersink? Can you really make a professional countersink visibly - and more importantly - noticeably better?

To put it in a nutshell, it can. The new RUKO ULTIMATECUT 4S countersink provides the proof and completely reinterprets countersinking. It works faster, works more efficiently, saves power and is also many times more durable than conventional countersinks.

The taper countersink was the inspiration back in 2017 when ULTIMATECUT, a new product line for demanding results for trade and industry, was launched.

And with the new ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S, RUKO is now further expanding the high-precision tool series for professional applications.

Even at first glance, it is noticeable: The ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S has four cutting edges instead of the usual three, and if you take a closer look, you will also notice the second fundamental difference: the unequal division of the cutting edges with a specially developed cutting geometry.

But the new ULTIMATECUT 4S really shows the power behind it in practice.

It literally eats into the material and impresses with enormous material removal. Thanks to the four cutting edges, the forces are distributed, producing exceptionally smooth running and - an excellent countersinking pattern without disturbing chatter marks.

With a machining speed that is up to 3 times higher and a tool life that allows up to 3 times more countersinking with one tool, the figures of the internal RUKO test results also prove the exceptional performance of the new countersink.

Especially when used in cordless drilling machines, the new ULITMATECUT 4S even allows countersinking up to a diameter of 40 mm for the first time, which until now was exclusively reserved for stationary tools.

The new ULITMATECUT 4S countersink is available from specialist dealers in diameters from 10.4 to 40 mm.

In addition, the new countersinks are offered with RUKO nano Technology, or RUnaTEC for short, a coating specially developed by RUKO.

ULTIMATECUT 4S: 3 x faster to the countersinking result. With high precision and without annoying chatter marks.

About the ULTIMATECUT product line

The ULTIMATECUT product line from RUKO offers industry and professional users innovative and high-quality precision tools for the most demanding applications. RUKO manufactures the high-quality precision tools in its own production facility in Germany. The product line includes countersinks, multidrills, step drills and twist drills. All ULTIMATECUT products are finished with RUKO's own nano Technology coating.

About the RUnaTEC coating

The RUnaTEC coating (RUKO nano Technology) is a special nanocomposite that chemically combines the three elements aluminium, titanium and nitrogen. The difference to conventional coatings (e.g. the AlTiN coating, which combines the same components) is the nano- and microstructure of the coating.