New in the range: The ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S HSSE-Co 5

RUKO is expanding its ULTIMATECUT countersink range with the introduction of the countersink 4S with HSSE-Co 5 alloy to increase the efficiency and tool life of the tool.

Developed to make speed and efficiency even faster and more efficient.

HSSE-Co 5, also known as high-speed steel with 5% cobalt alloy, improves the wear resistance and heat resistance of the tool. This leads to a longer tool life, a 7-fold faster machining time compared to standard Co 5 countersinks and also makes it possible to work with demanding Hardox steels.

The combination of 4 precisely manufactured cutting edges, the unequal pitch, HSSE cobalt alloy and RUnaTEC coating make the new ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S an indispensable solution for any professional workshop that wants to raise efficiency and precision to a new level.

This step emphasises RUKO's commitment to quality and its ability to adapt to the needs of its customers in the tool sector.

The new countersink 4S is available as a single product and as a 6- or 5-piece set. In HSS and HSSE-Co 5, with high-quality RUnaTEC coating or uncoated.

Further information on the countersink 4S can be found here: "ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S - Fast. Sharp. Strong. Sensational."

Or directly via the landing page "ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S"