Plastic-free, recyclable and compostable - the new sustainable "REPACK by RUKO" packaging

12 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year. Because of this, RUKO has decided to offer a sustainable, plastic-free packaging alternative.

Based on secondary, rapidly renewable and natural raw materials, such as natural fibres from straw, hay and also waste paper, the so-called fibre cast is created, which can be completely reused, composted or recycled in a simple way if disposed of correctly. Thanks to the environmentally friendly material of the packaging and the printing based on organic inks, a sustainable packaging cycle can be ensured.

Due to the nature of cast fibre, this packaging is very stable. The organic coating ensures that it is water and oil resistant as well as heat resistant. This makes it an optimal alternative to plastic packaging. It is also lighter than a plastic cassette. This ensures that less Co2 is emitted during transport and thus reduces the Co2 footprint.

The sustainable REPACK packaging made of cast fibre is available with two multifunctional inlays, in each of which three different sets of drills can be placed. Thanks to this solution, the amount of packaging can be minimised and packaging costs reduced.

More information and all REPACK sets can be found here.