RUKO FLOWSTEP® technology reduces drilling time by half

RUKO GmbH Precision Tools has developed an innovation in the field of step drill technology at its production facility in Holzgerlingen, near Stuttgart. With the so-called FLOWSTEP® technology, the German manufacturer of precision tools is setting new standards in metal cutting.

The FLOWSTEP® technology is characterized by its round step transitions. Each individual step has a specially developed relief that guides the step drill seamlessly and in a controlled manner to the next step after drilling through each step. This allows for a much smoother and quieter drilling process. This gives users excellent control of the step drill in sensitive materials such as very thin-walled sheet metal, Plexiglas or wood and achieves a significantly improved drilling result.

In addition, the FLOWSTEP® technology significantly reduces the duration of the drilling process: users can now drill up to twice as many holes in metal in the same amount of time.

The new technology also ensures outstanding results in terms of tool life. With up to four times longer tool life, the RUKO step drill becomes an even more reliable precision tool for professional users.

Even in tough materials such as stainless steel, all the advantages of the FLOWSTEP® technology come to bear. The 80 percent reduction in radial forces is also noticeable here. Effortlessly, users make powerful and fast progress.

The FLOWSTEP® technology has so far been used on RUKO's new step drill generation and the ULTIMATECUT step drill. On both products, new improved point grinds complement their outstanding performance by enabling pinpoint centering on the workpiece and even faster spot drilling.

Managing Director Ronald Weber is positive about the future: „In our production in Holzgerlingen, Germany, we produce more step drills than ever before. Our professional customers are delighted with the innovations we have developed in-house. The trend is also continuing to increase significantly. That's why we are investing heavily in our manufacturing again this year to expand our capacity and continue to offer our customers innovations and high quality precision tools, Made in Germany.“

About the RUKO group

RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality drilling, countersinking and cutting tools for metal cutting since 1974. The medium-sized, internationally operating industrial company develops, produces, and sells products and individual solutions for all production stages of the machining industry. It serves a worldwide clientele with 250 employees in seven branches and two production sites.

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