Step Drill Next Generation

Uncompromisingly effective.

  • Up to 4 times more holes
  • Easier and smoother drilling process
  • Significantly improved drilling result

The FLOWSTEP® technology.

The special feature of our new step drill generation is the FLOWSTEP® technology developed by us. With its round step transitions, it leads to a much smoother and quieter drilling process. This has reduced the machining time by 50% and significantly improved the drilling result.

Anwendung Stufenbohrer next Generation

The advantages.

  • Up to 4 times longer tool life
  • Improved centering and faster spot drilling
  • Very smooth running (no catching in the material)
  • Strongly reduced force effect on the tool
  • Ideal chip and heat removal
  • Greatly reduced burr formation
  • Acceleration of the entire drilling process
  • Ideal for guided drilling units and hand drills

Tip grinding

The improved point grinding enables easier centering and faster spot drilling in the workpiece. It is also less sensitive to lateral forces.

2. spiral angle

The spiral angle optimization leads to reduced feed forces (axial forces) and thus enables acceleration of the entire drilling process.

Chip space geometry

The optimized chip space geometry ensures ideal chip and heat removal. The extremely reduced heat generation decisively improves the service life of the step drill.

3 face shank

The three-surface shank prevents the step drill from slipping in the drill chuck, making it ideal for use in hand drills.

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