Twist drill set DIN 338 type VA, HSSE-Co 8 in plastic case - 19 pcs.

Ø 1,0 mm up to 10,0 mm in increments of 0,5 mm

Powerful special drill that should ideally be used for titanium base alloys as well as stainless, acid-resistant and heat-resistant austenitic steels. It is also suitable for high strength steels with low ductility. Under certain conditions, these drills can be used for special alloys such as hastelloy, inconel and nimonic etc.
HSSE-Co 8:
Heavy-duty high speed steel with 8 % cobalt content.
Extremely high ductility and outstanding heat resistance, for drilling holes in high strength materials, austenitic steel, for hot working etc. with a strength of up to 1100 N/mm².

Article number
Drilling depth
5 x diameter
Net weight
0.5372 kg