Twist drill set DIN 338 type UNI, HSSE-Co 5 in plastic case - 19 pcs.

Ø 1,0 mm up to 10,0 mm in increments of 0,5 mm

High performance twist drill for all-purpose use in drilling machines and cordless drills. (Materials up to 5,0 mm thickness)
» The 3-surface-shank provides an excellent fixing within the drill chuck with little effort. In addition, the shank ensures an ideal power transmission. No spinning of the drill!
» The 135º high performance cutting edge ensures a very high aligned preciseness, particularly when hand-operated with a cordless drilling machine. The edge prevents sliding off corrugated surfaces whilst spot-drilling.
» Increased wear resistance of the rechargeable battery due to reduction of cutting forces.
» The black bevel increases the wear resistance and prevents cold welding and build-up edges.
» The 40º helix angle enables a perfect and fast chip removal and provides a high cutting speed along with increased stability and accuracy.
HSSE-Co 5:
Heavy-duty high speed steel with 5 % cobalt content. 
High ductility and heat resistance, for drilling holes in difficult-to-machine materials with a strength of up to 1100 N/mm².

Article number
Drilling depth
5 x diameter
Net weight
0.5372 kg