Twist drill set DIN 338 type TURBO, HSS-G in plastic case - 25 pcs.

Ø 1,0 mm up to 13,0 mm in increments of 0,5 mm

High-performance twist drill, particularly suited for handheld drilling of thin-walled materials.
Ground twist drill in high-performance high-speed steel. Drills very cleanly with burr-free hole edges. Immediate drilling start after insertion as no prepunching is necessary. Shatter stability is increased by up to 50 % as the core diameter increases constantly in the direction of the shank (from Ø 3,2 mm). Triple milled clamping areas prevent the drill from spinning in the machine (from Ø 5,0 mm).
For use on: non-alloy and alloy steel (up to grade of approx. 900 N/mm² ), for drilling thin-walled profiles and sheeting up to 5,0 mm, plastics and wood.

Article number
Drilling depth
5 x diameter
Net weight
1.2 kg