Taper and deburring countersinker set DIN 335 type C 90° HSS-TiAlN in REPACK by RUKO - 6 pcs.


6-piece set of taper and deburring countersinkers DIN 335 type C 90° Ø 6,3 - 8,3 - 10,4 - 12,4 - 16,5 - 20,5 mm

REPACK by RUKO, the sustainable packaging for precision tools.
This sustainable packaging for precision tools offers an environmentally friendly solution to keep the tools safe while minimizing the impact on the environment. It has been developed with the aim of reducing the waste of resources and using sustainable materials.

To reduce its environmental impact, REPACK packaging is made from fibre castings, which are made from recycled paper and natural materials, such as hay and straw. The use of bio-based materials reduces the need for virgin raw materials and the use of fossil fuels during manufacturing.
The packaging is designed to effectively protect the tools and keep them from damage. The organic coating, incidentally without chemical additives, of the packaging makes it water and oil resistant, heat resistant as well as shock resistant. It is also robust and durable, so that it retains its shape and function even after repeated use.

The inlay is also made of cast fibre with matching recesses for the tools to securely fix and organise them. The lighter weight of the packaging significantly reduces energy and fuel consumption during transport and shipping. Less fuel consumption means less CO2 emissions during transport, which has a positive impact on the environmental balance.
In summary, REPACK by RUKO sustainable packaging for tools is an environmentally friendly solution that offers both ecological and practical benefits: the necessary protective function while contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Choose REPACK and help conserve resources and protect the environment.

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