Compressed air grinder set with coupling plug incl. set of rotary burrs TC in plastic case

The RUKO pneumatic grinder in the short design - The compact, fast tool for deburring, polishing and machining welding seams.

5-piece set of compressed air grinder 1 Compressed air grinder + Set of tungsten carbide rotary burrs in mini-box, 3 pcs. each 1x Ø D1 10,0 mm 1 TC rotary burr shape A, cylinder (ZYAS) with end toothing 1 TC rotary burr shape G, pionted arch (SPG) 1 TC rotary burr shape D, cone (KUD) + Coupling plug for compressed air grinder.

Article number
Nominal thread size G
G 1/4"
Net weight
0.940 kg