Machine tap M DIN 376 HSSE-Co 5 VAP, ground


The machine tap consists of cobalt alloyed and vaporised heavy-duty high-speed steel. For through threads and bottoming threads in unalloyed and alloyed steels up to a strength of 1000 N/mm², stainless steel. The thread is cut in one operation. By "vaporisation" is meant the evaporation of a non-metallic oxide film. Vaporisation acts as a separating layer and reduces the occurrence of cold welding. In cold welding there are workpiece chips that build up on the flanks of the tap and damage the finished thread. Consequences of cold welding are torn and dirty flanks. VAP improves the adhesion of lubricants to the tool surface.

Article number
Nominal thread size M
M 14
Net weight
12.0 mm
Thread pitch
2,00 mm
110.0 mm
Spiral length
30.0 mm
Core hole diameter
12.0 mm