Machine tap set HSS in steel case 7-pieces

Machine tap set HSS-TiN M DIN 371 / 376 type B with progressive tap M 3 - M 4 - M 5 - M 6 - M 8 - M 10 - M 12

The machine tap consists of heavy-duty high-speed steel with a titanium nitride coating. For universal use on a wide range of materials due to layer of hard material! For through threads and bottoming threads in unalloyed and alloyed steels up to a strength of 900 N/mm², stainless steel. The thread is cut in one operation. Note: cutting speeds from 10 m/min. By the TiN wear-resistant coating, the surface hardness increases to about 2500 HV. Titanium nitride is a chemical compound of the two elements, titanium and nitrogen. TiN is a metallic hard material with a typical golden yellow colour. Advantages: Increased hardness, low friction coefficient, more service life. Cooling is not necessary, but recommended.

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