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Machine tap M DIN 371 HSS-TiAlN, ground

Machine taps with reinforced shank and 35° right-hand spiral flutes for bottoming.

The machine tap consists of heavy-duty high-speed steel. For through-hole threads and blind-hole threads, in unalloyed, low alloy and alloyed steels up to 1200 N/mm² strength and cast. The thread is cut in one operation. By the TiAIN wear-resistant coating, the surface hardness increases to about 3500 HV. Titanium aluminium nitride is a chemical compound of three elements titanium, aluminium and nitrogen. TiAIN is a metallic hard material with a typical black/violet colour. Advantages: The TiAlN coating enables the dry machining tools to cut without a cooling. Increased hardness, very low friction coefficient, optimal service life.

  • Article no. 234020EF
  • Nominal thread size
  • Total length L1 45,0 mm
  • Shank Ø 2,8 mm
  • Pitch 0,40 mm
  • Thread core hole Ø1 1,60 mm
  • Thread length L2 6,0 mm

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