Machine tap set HSS in plastic case 14-pieces

Machine tap set HSS 7 machine taps DIN 371/376 type B with progressive tap M 3 - M 4 - M 5 - M 6 - M 8 - M 10 - M 12 + 7 twist drills DIN 338 type N Ø 2,5 - 3,3 - 4,2 - 5,0 - 6,8 - 8,5 - 10,2 mm

The machine tap consists of heavy-duty high-speed steel. For through threads and bottoming threads in unalloyed steels up to a strength of 800 N/mm², malleable.The thread is cut in one operation. High speed tool steel, best known as 'high speed steel', refers to a group of alloyed tool steels with up to 2,06% carbon content and up to 30% proportion of alloying elements such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt, nickel and titanium. HSS materials are characterised by great hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance up to 600° C. The HSS tools are less sensitive to shocks and vibrations, which sometimes quickly lead to breaks in the harder cutting materials.

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