ULTIMATECUT Taper and deburring countersinker set (DIN 335) type C 90° HSS RUnaTEC in plastic case - 6 pcs.

6-piece set of ULTIMATECUT taper and deburring countersinkers (DIN 335) type C 90° Ø 6,3 - 8,3 - 10,4 - 12,4 - 16,5 - 20,5 mm

The newly developed cutting geometry of the ULTIMATECUT enormously reduces the axial and radial forces, which are affecting the tool during the countersinking. The variably running relief grinding was specially developed and ensures a very quiet countersinking procedure and a perfect surface quality, which guarantees the best results. (The new RUnaTEC coating further increases performance). The specially developed flute parameters, such as the angle, the transition radius as well as the extra-wide chip flute, ensure an optimal chip and heat removal and therefore enable a high wear resistance. Furthermore, the new geometry prevents material welding and reduces the countersinking force. Considerably less feed power while countersinking is now necessary. The materials can be handled either with a very high as well as with a very low cutting speed, without loss of quality/loosing quality concerning the result. The ULTIMATECUT achieves the best performance in mostly all applications and materials!

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