Core drill with tungsten-carbide cutting edges and weldon shank (3/4") - Tecrona, 50.0 mm


The RUKO core drills with Tecrona coating and hard metal cutting edges can be universally used in non-hardened steels and super alloys (materials with very high alloy percentages of Al,Ti, nickel like inconel, hastelloy, Inox, etc.). The Tecrona coating is the ideal coating for all drilling works that stress the tool extremely. It adheres very well to the tool, where by the wear-resistant coating increases the surface hardness to approximately 4200 HV. The coefficient of friction is extremely low in this coating, thereby increasing the service life with low wear. For use in magnetic-stand and pillar drilling machines with morse taper retainer. In connection with RUKO arbor holders no. 108 302 / 108 303, with RUKO EasyLock no. 108 312 / 108 313 or a weldon direct shank such as the RUKO magnetic-stand A10 drill.

Article number
Net weight
0.145 kg
Cutting depth
50.0 mm
84.0 mm
31,0 mm